Maintenance Fees

Maintenance fees are billed annually in the first week of November each year. They are due by January 31st.

$609.00 annually $523.00 annually $368.00 annually $210.00 annually
Tax portion of maintenance fee: $30.08 Tax portion of maintenance fee: $21.37 Tax portion of maintenance fee: $13.93 Tax portion of maintenance fee: $6.33
4-share: $27.70
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Over the years your association Board of Directors has worked very hard to maintain the condominiums here at Fox Hills as cost effectively as possible.    We are proud to say that the last time we needed to raise Maintenance Fees  was 20 years ago in 2003.  When making this important decision, the board had to weigh the increase in the cost of wages, materials and utilities over the past years against the work that continues to be needed to maintain the property and to stay current with industry needs.

Finally, the board researched what other revenue streams we could implement to help offset these additional expenses. After much discussion, the board voted to implement a 5% Maintenance Fee increase (rounded up to the nearest dollar) beginning with the November 2022 billing cycle for 2023 Maintenance Fees due January 31, 2023.

In an effort to keep this increase as low as possible, the board also voted to begin charging the following fees effective November 1, 2022.

  • $6.00 processing fee will be assessed for each billing statement generated including all late fee and past due notices.
  • $25.00 cleaning fee will be assessed for all RCI inbound reservations booked for less than 7 days.
  • Interest will be assessed quarterly at a rate of 10% on all past due accounts.

We hope you understand the board takes the increase of fees seriously and believes this course of action is necessary to ensure the health of the association