– General FAQs –

1. What if I am checking in after hours?

If you arrive after the Association offices close, Take a map from the black box to the right of the door to guide you to the Recreation Center. There are lockboxes in the entrance of the building and red phone to the right of them on the wall.  Pick up the phone and follow the instructions. Please come to the Association Office during office hours the following day to complete the check-in process and be sure to bring your check-in packet, your ID and a valid credit card with you!

1. Do we supply coffee?

Coffee is supplied for our hotel-style units only.  All other units have drip coffee makers and filters but guests will need to bring their own coffee.

2. Do we have grills for guests to use?

Yes! We do have charcoal grills (like the ones you would see in a park) on the property for guest use. We do not provide charcoal or lighter fluid – you must bring your own. You are welcome to bring your own grill if you would like, we just ask that you use it by our grill so it is far enough away from the building.

3. Are there washer and dryers in the unit?

There is not a washer and dryer in each individual unit, but there is one in each building. It is free of charge, but the guest must provide their own soap. We do have small boxes of laundry detergent and dryer sheets available for sale ($1.00 each) in a dispenser by the lobby.

4. Are there hairdryers available?

There is a hairdryer in at least one bathroom in most of the units. Housekeeping has extras available upon request.

5. Do we have cribs?

We do not have cribs, but we do have pack ‘n’ plays – no charge. We also have high chairs available as well.

6. IF you have reserved a unit with a kitchen:

All of your basic kitchen items (dishes, glasses, silverware, pots & pans and basic appliances) are provided in the room for you already. Housekeeping does have additional items available (list on refrigerator in room) that you can call for – ext. 2305. CLICK HERE for a list of kitchen Items.