1. What do I own?

A timeshare by definition is a 1/52 factional undivided interest in a condominium, if deeded, an interest in the common grounds. An efficiency, 1, 2, 3, bedroom unit. In short you own a week in a condo somewhere. Owners of points or credits must first obtain enough points or credits to reserve a week at their resort to play the online timeshare trading game.

2. What are resort dues and maintenance fees?

Resort dues or maintenance fees are the timeshare owners cost associated with owning the timeshare. The fees are used for the housekeeping, garbage removal, real estate taxes, maintenance, snow removal, grounds upkeep, management fee, furnishings, etc.

3. Who is RCI?

RCI (Resort Condominium International) is the world’s largest exchange company. With over 3,800 affiliated resorts worldwide, RCI arranges for you to exchange your timeshare unit with someone else’s timeshare unit. RCI is a worldwide company and has offices with telephone counselors located in theUS,Canada,MexicoandIreland, accessible for theirUSand Canadian members. Their home offices are located inIndianapolis,Indiana.

Trading online is offered by RCI, as well as the exchanges by phone.

4. Do I have to be a member of RCI to trade my timeshare?

Yes, RCI requires that all RCI online traders be current members with RCI. It is also required that you RCI membership dues be paid out as far as you travel request.

5. What does spacebank mean?

A Spacebank Deposit is the term RCI gives to their members, when the member has deposited their timeshare unit into RCI’s spacebank pool. Simply, the member has given their week up for someone else to trade into. The pool consists of all the members’ spacebanked weeks. This can be done online or over the phone and your resort will generally do this for you if you own a floating time. You should have paid your resort dues before spacebanking.

6. Does someone have to use my week first before I can request a trade?

No. Once RCI accepts your spacebank deposit you will receive and spacebank acknowledgement by mail. You deposit will go into the spacebank pool.

7. What is red, white, and blue time?

Red time (season) is the high season of the resort.
White time is the mid-season.
Blue time is the slow season.

8. What does Gold Crown, RID, and Standard mean?

Gold Crown and Resort of International Distinction are RCI trademarks. These reflect awards RCI has given to these resorts for maintaining different requirements. Resorts without these symbols are considered standard. Gold Crown deposits filter out some resorts RCI may feel are not an equal trade. Don’t judge all your vacation destinations by these symbols, as older resorts without these awards may be the location you want.

9. Are there fees involved for trading?

Yes.  Call RCI for current fees.

10. Do I have to own a Gold Crown to trade for a Gold Crown?

No. Units are offered based on availability and RCI’s determination of your trading power.

11. Do I have to trade for the same week, season or unit size?

The weeks RCI offers to you for exchange will be based on the trading power assigned to you spacebank deposit. Once you have your week spacebanked with RCI you are free to ask for what ever you wish. Online trading requires you ask for no more than the size of the unit deposited but if your trading power pulls the one, two or three bedroom units they will show online.

12. What is trading power?

Trading power is assigned by RCI according to many factors: most importantly supply and demand for your home resort, the time frame in which you spacebanked your week and several other factors by RCI in order to make as many fair and equal trades as possible.

RCI is an independent trading company and Fox Hills has no control over what they charge or how they manage trades.  Use of RCI is at your discretion.


Information provided by: www.tradingtime.net



RCI Points are a solution to the growing consumer demand for MORE FLEXIBILITY, MORE CONTROL and MORE OPTIONS for the way they spend their vacation days and dollars. For many years quality and cost conscious consumers have chosen Timeshare, or Vacation Ownership, as their preferred way to spend their vacation dollars.

In the traditional way of owning and using Timeshare, you owned a specific week or season and a specific size unit at a specific resort. Generally, staying at your home resort for a week, or exchanging for a week at another property. In many cases having to settle for a lesser week, season, size unit, resort designation, and possibly not being able to use the entire week due to work or other schedule concerns.

RCI Points work just like currency. Every year your Points account is replenished with the number of Points you own. You can then use those points for whatever vacation scenarios suit your needs and desires for that year.

With RCI Points…YOU Choose!

RCI Points allows its members to choose:

• Where they want to vacation.
Stay at your Home Resort or any of the 3700 + RCI affiliated Points AND Weeks resorts worldwide

• What season(s) they want to enjoy.
Total access to all RCI Resorts 365 days per year. Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall.

• How long they want to stay.
Stay for one night, a week, ten days or more using only the points required for that length of stay.

• The size unit they need or desire.
Choose whatever size unit you need or desire for the number of people traveling using only the points required for that size unit.

• Check-in the night they choose.
Almost all Points resorts allow nightly check-ins. If Sunday works better for your schedule than Friday, check-in Sunday using only the points required for the nights you stay.

 • Use your Points for Hotels, Car Rental, Cruises, Airlines, Entertainment and more!
RCI Points Partners allows you to use your points for non-accommodation needs. With over 48,000 hotels worldwide, most major airlines, several leading car rental companies, family theme parks like Disney World and Universal Orlando, Golf clinics and all major Cruise Lines, RCI Points can save you even more money.

Get Multiple “Weeks” of Usage Owning Only One Points Package and Pay Only One Maintenance Fee!

Being able to positively manipulate how you use your points on an annual basis makes it possible to get more than seven nights usage per year, yet you only pay one maintenance fee. With traditional timeshare you get a week and that is it. After you use your week, the rest of your vacations are cash out of pocket or you need to own multiple weeks, pay multiple sales prices and pay multiple annual maintenance fees.


Information provided by:  www.alltimeshare.com


You Choose travel anytime of year Same week or season
You Choose the size unit you need or desire Same or smaller unit size
You Choose 7, 10, 15, 21 nights or more depending on how you use your points 7 nights maximum usage
You Choose to use points at any of the 3700 resorts worldwide including Gold Crown resorts Pay more to own Gold Crown, No access to RCI Points
You Choose to check-in the day you want for check-in nightly stays at many Points resorts They tell you what day to
You Choose options among reserving a condo, booking a flight, only renting a car, taking a cruise, and more Use for accommodations only