*Only FOX HILLS UNITS are eligible

There is a waitlist for each season (red, white, or blue). The season is then split by the size unit (studio, 1 bed, 2 bed, 3 bed, or 4-Share).

This program is optional. Participate only if you can tolerate the following rules:

1. Only Fox Hills units are eligible.
2. All maintenance fees and special assessments must be paid in full by their due date each year.  Any late payments will cause removal from the waiting list. A new application will need to be submitted to be added to the bottom of the list once fees are current.
3. Owners using Sure Pay to make monthly payments on their annual maintenance fees are not eligible to participate in this program until their fees are paid in full.
4. Owners may use their current year’s vacation(s) while on the waiting list.
5. Units will be placed on the waiting list by the date the application is received.
6. Compensation, if any, may be nominal.

Fox Hills will provide perspective transferees with the names and phone numbers of three current owners from the list that match their requirements and ask that they reach out to the owners directly to attempt to come to a transfer agreement. If no agreement is reached the transferee may request three more names to contact. If the owner rejects any reasonable offer, their name will be removed from the list and a new application will need to be submitted to be added to the bottom of the list. If an agreement is reached, we will assist with the transfer process.

All rules are subject to change at any time and the program is subject to end at any time. Fox Hills Owners Association has not made any guarantees to sell your unit.

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