Current Board Members:

Richard Glomski – President

Richard Isely – Vice President

Ann Bonneville- Treasurer

Cyndi Gierczak – Secretary

Dave Holschbach – At Large

Board members are allowed one free night stay on the weekend of the Annual Meeting

Above is subject to change without notice and based on availability.

***Please Print and add to your disclosure book*** As of the board meeting on October 20, 2009, the terms of the officers will be as follows: One elected timeshare owner whose term will last until the 3rd annual meeting from the annual meeting in 2009 (currently the president), one elected timeshare owner whose term will expire at the second annual meeting after the 2009 meeting (currently secretary) and one elected timeshare owner whose term will expire at the next annual owners meeting (currently not holding a position). Henceforth, all terms of elected positions will expire 3 years after their election.

**Please note that owner cards are burgundy and tan. They also do NOT have a picture on them. If you do not have this card please stop in or call to get new ones. You must have a picture ID and your card with you to use any of the facilities at the resort. You will be turned away if you do not have this with you. Thank you!


RCI comment cards are for RCI and affect our scores and your trading power. If you have an issue while you are staying at Fox Hills Resort please use the comment cards in the room or talk to someone in the condo office at the telephone number: (920) 654-2300. The cards that are mailed or e-mailed to you by RCI should reflect a positive stay to keep our scores up which helps with your trading power. If you have any questions please contact a board member. Thank you!

The board members have discussed at length the pool policy which states “when a vacation owner comes to use the pool for the day and is not staying on property, they are allowed to bring 1 guest per cardholder present”. They have all agreed to not change this policy. If you have any concerns over this issue please contact your board members via e-mail.